Is a consultancy and advice agency for the development of your Food & Beverage projects
with different expertises in serval domains.
We advise you in the development of
your future F&B projects and concepts.


Analyse of your current or new situation

• Technical audit of the existing equipment
• Analyse and follow-up of the current energy consumption (water, electricity, gas, steam, HVAC,Ventilation, ….)
• Examination of the actual repair and maintenance costs.

• Temperature monitoring of the cold chain and production line

• Examination and optimalisation of the flow of personnes and foodware

• Energie saving precautions

• Ecological waste treatment

Audit of your new needs and preliminary draft of a new concept/replacement

• Decision about your future concept and needs for the F&B project
• Study of the possible solutions and executions
• Proposal of replacement or proposal of a new concept/design
• Proposal for software applications for :

     • HACCP

     • TCO

     • Operational Organisation/planning

     • Waste treatment

     • Foodcost
• Proposal for available subventions

Engineering of your complete projects

• An independent study office or interior architectural firm
• Selection of material/installations (hardware) and choice of the suppliers in consistency of the requirements (hardware)
• Selection of the craftsmen
• Selection of the software for TCO, operational organisation and HACCP regulations
• Following the process of the subsidy demands
• Coordination of the project (Site/project Manager)

Software: « the connected kitchen »

• Energy consumption
• Planning/Exploitation
• TCO costs

• Foodcost

• Planning

• Menu

Follow-Up (during the first year free of charge when installation is finished)

• Evaluation of the project based on TCO (exploitation and organisation, energy consumption, HACCP, ….)
• Advice about the TCO cost (consumption, technical analyse, installations, regulations, ….)

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